CLASS ATTIRE:  Dance families can purchase dance shoes and tights at the studio.  Please be sure to purchase quality dance shoes such as Capezio or Bloch brand.  DO NOT purchase your dance shoes from a big box general merchandise store.  The price point is not very different but the quality is.  We do not carry pointe shoes but will be glad to recommend a reputable fitter.

We have class attire lists for easy shopping at Discount Dance Supply

Our local retailers are:

The Choice Connection in Bristol, Competitors Closet in Warwick and LaBrie in Smithfield

  • Preschool Class:  Black or Pink Leotard, optional sheer ballet skirt (attached or pull on), ballet pink tights, pink leather ballet slippers, black Mary Jane style tap shoes  – Capezio or Bloch brand preferred for shoes
  • Ballet/Pointe Class:  Ballet Pink Tights (Capezio brand preferred), Black leotard, optional short-sheer ballet skirt, Pink Leather ballet slippers (Bloch/Capezio brand preferred).  Pointe shoes should only be purchased by an experienced dance fitter.  Expect to try on many different style choices before finding “your” pointe shoes.
  • Jazz Class:  Black leotard, black form-fitting dance shorts or black leggings, Caramel Gore Boots (Capezio brand preferred).  Young dancers in the jazz/acro combo class do not need jazz shoes.
  • Tap Class:  Black leotard, black form-fitting dance shorts or black leggings, Black tap shoes (young students use Mary Jane style, older students wear oxford style)
  • Contemporary/Lyrical/Modern/Acro: Black leotard, Capezio nude footundeez, form-fitting black dance shorts.  Young dancers in the jazz/acro combo class do not need footundeez.
  • Hip Hop:  Comfortable clothing, clean, flat-soled sneakers worn only for dance class (black low-top converse recommended for class and required for recital)

*Dancers must have proper dance attire to participate in class.  We have a borrow box and hand-me-down area for students that forgot their dance items.

Classroom Rules: All students must wear their hair up and secured for class. Dancers wear hair in a bun or high ponytail. Ballet students must wear their hair in a bun. Dancers should take care and put their hair up at home so that it is secure for class. Please do not wear jewelry to class. Stud earrings are OK. T-shirts are not allowed (except hip hop). Do not bring gum or candy to class. Do not run or hang on the barre. Do not touch the mirrors. Cell phone ringers should be turned off and kept out of the studio. Dancers and family members must use respect and kindness to fellow dancers, instructors and directors. Please do not allow young siblings to run into the classroom or bang on the viewing windows. All students should wait in the waiting room/stretch room before their class. Please do not drop-off students earlier than 15 minutes before their class unless you make special arrangements ahead of time. Students should arrive 10-15 minutes before class, with their hair up and proper class attire to start stretching and warming up.

Registration Fee: A $25 non-refundable fee is required with registration for the 1st student in a family ($20 for the 2nd student & $0 for each additional student).  Class space will not be reserved until this fee is paid.  (This fee does not apply when registering for the summer session.)

Snow or Bad Weather: The studio will not necessarily close for snow or inclement weather on those days when area schools are closed, since many times roads are clear and safe by mid-afternoon.  We will send out an email if class is cancelled and we will post on our Facebook/Instagram page.

Holidays: Holidays will generally follow school schedules.  Holiday dates will be posted on the website and reminders will be posted in the waiting room.  We do not close for teachers’ workdays.

Attendance: Good attendance is imperative, as absences and tardiness can hold back an entire class.  Students that are on unlimited student or family plans that do not attend class regularly will be asked to drop classes if they are missing too often to make space for other students.  Please report student absences through your DanceStudio-Pro account

If a dancer is sick, please report the absence and keep them home to recover.  Send an email to Miss Michelle or text 401-481-8876 to schedule a make-up class.

If a dancer is injured, please have them attend class and observe.

Trophies/Awards:  We do not give out attendance awards but all students receive participation medals in June.  Trophies are given out to students in years 5, 7, 10, 12, 15, 17 – we have staggered trophy years to make the trophy more meaningful to the student.

Private Lessons: Private lessons are a half-hour long.  Private lessons may be useful for extra technique or special choreography.  They are also helpful when classes have been missed.  Solos, duets and small group dances require a minimum of 12, 30min. private sessions to choreograph.  Rates are $35 for a solo private lesson, $20 per person for a duet or small groups.  Special dances must be approved by the director.  Private lessons do not guarantee a spot in competition.  Please see Miss Michelle for further information.  Solos, duets and small group dances will only be performed in one (not both) of the recitals.

Recital/Costumes: The school holds an annual recital during the month of June (traditionally the weekend after Father’s Day).  This is a very exciting and rewarding experience for the students and their parents.  The recital generally has 2 performances – Saturday evening and Sunday matinee.  Both performances are the same except for solos/duets/etc.  Participation is encouraged but not mandatory.  A Family Recital Fee which includes costumes, tights, t-shirt, and digital download of performance will be calculated based on how many recital dances you are in and is due in January.  Recital tickets go on sale during the month of May.  Recital fees and ticket sales are non-refundable.

Waiting Room: It is important for dancers and parents to keep the waiting room quiet while class is in session.  Food and drink are not allowed in the waiting area.  Parents may wait in the waiting room during class.  Please do not tap on the viewing windows at any time.  Do not stand on the benches.  To respect the privacy of our students, videotaping and photography is not permitted without the permission of the director and is never permitted through the viewing windows.

Dismissal:  If the student is leaving with someone other than the parent, a written note should be provided at the beginning of class.  Dismissal takes place during the last 5 minutes of class.  Please be on time when picking up your child.

Liability:  Dance, like any other sport is a physical activity that has inherent risks including, but not limited to, bumps, sprains and bruises.  Extensions School of Dance including its directors and instructors are not liable for any injuries or damage to personal property incurred during classes, rehearsals, seminars, competitions or performances.  Please see our complete waiver on your DanceStudio-Pro account.

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